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Peter Cousin, President, Insite Publishing, Inc. / Editor-in-Chief of Village News Magazine: Born and raised in Los Angeles, Peter has lived in Virginia Beach for over thirty years. Providing marketing, advertising & public relations for some of the nation’s largest companies, Peter has produced many professional publications and collateral materials which have had a direct impact on their company’s image. Now the Editor-in-Chief for Village News Magazine, Peter provides a wonderful and often inspirational look at news items. Says Peter, “When someone reads a publication produced by us, I want them to become part of the information being conveyed. When that happens, I’ve done my job correctly.” Village News is now in its 17th year and is distributed to over 103,000 upscale golf course homes in Virginia Beach each month. You may reach Peter by e-mail: or by telephone at 757-301-9617

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Tara Perrone: As our Lead Graphic Designer / Layout Artist Production Supervisor in advertising at the Gloub Corporation in New York, Tara produced all print advertising, including the chainâ 4-color, 10-page weekly circular with a total run of 1.5 million. Tara owns and operates Creative Thinking, a graphic design firm in Virginia Beach, VA servicing local, national and international accounts. Her specialties include corporate identity, logo design, brochures, flyers, newsletters, outdoor, and direct mail marketing. As head of the Graphics Department for Insite Publishing, she is committed to providing professional level design services for all of her advertising customers. Contact Tara by email:

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Sherry Wood : As our Marketing Director she is passionate about implementing inbound marketing strategies that help her clients increase brand awareness, generate leads, and acquire new customers. Sherry was selected by Chevrolet to be the designer of the first website in the country to launch with their new pilot program. She has been chosen multiple times to initiate new marketing practices, one which resulted in CTR increase from .01% to 44%. Another result in a corporate case study increased lead close rate by 300%. Dedication to her clients success is Sherry's main priority. Sherry grew up in Michigan, attended Michigan State University (Go Spartans!) and currently lives in Brown City, MI. A small town with no stoplights where they still have parking for horses and buggies. When she isn’t working, you’ll find Sherry gardening, painting, building websites and listening to books. She plays a wicked game of pool and has some serious horseshoe throwing skills. Reach Sherry at 757-301-9617 or by E-mail:

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Shannon Brown is our Business Development Specialist. Shannon grew up in Hampton. She is currently an undergraduate at Liberty University. She has a background in sales & marketing with over 12 years of sales. Shannon is a licensed Real Estate Agent and Insurance agent. She enjoys playing and coaching soccer. She is a mother to four children two sets of twins. She is overly ambitious and extremely focused. She enjoys networking in the community and building new relationships.  Shannon is excited about expanding her network to the South side of Hampton Roads. She believes that building relationships is the key to a strong community and produces thriving businesses. Shannon may be reached by phone at 757-301-9617 (office) or direct at (757)335-9239.  Reach Shannon by E-mail:


Kris Lake is our Business Development Manager. Kris comes to our team with many years of experience in the Marketing and Advertising field He grew up in Chesapeake and has a background in Law Enforcement prior to starting his Marketing career. Always focused on family, he loves spending time with his wife and two teenage daughters. Kris is a sportsman, and enjoys all things “outdoors” including hunting, fishing, golf and riding motorcycles.  Kris also has a passion for helping businesses thrive. He is extremely personable and takes the time to learn each customer’s needs and to research their industry standards and makes calculated recommendations on how to grow in their business. To contact Kris please call him at       757-773-9095 or email at

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Dakota Colonese is our Business Development Specialist. Dakota is a Colorado-native who developed a passion for business from a very early age. He began in sales with his father’s company as an international agent, selling paintballs to players and venues in France and Germany, after which, he moved to local wireless sales and set market records in his first month. Dakota has a penchant for English and literature, and he fluently speaks French and Portuguese. He’s fond of Virginia Beach as the place where he competed to become an All-American wrestler in high school. With an education and a focus in marketing, he’s determined to help small businesses reach untapped markets, and foster long-term and meaningful B2B relationships. Dakota can be reached by phone at (719) 648-6196 or at the office at 757-301-9617. You may email Dakota at


LaRae Cooper, our Business Development Specialist. is a Virginia Beach native and comes from a long line of Military Veterans. She is a proud mom of two children and in her free time enjoys anything Artistic, from painting to poetry. LaRae has been in Sales and Marketing for over 15 yrs with 5 of those years exclusively in Advertising. Her passion for helping business owners increase their customer base and overall revenue is her primary drive. She has worked with businesses both small and large and enjoys brainstorming ideas and concepts that are customized for each of her clients. If you are interested in a personal one on one approach to handling your marketing, please contact LaRae at 757-472-9654 or the office at 757-301-9617, or by email at .

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David Cando: Systems Analysis & IT Department Leader for Insite Publishing is also the President of Executive Technologies, Inc, a.full-service information technology services firm specializing in meeting the needs of business and government in Hampton Roads. David graduated from North Carolina State University - BS Computer Science - 1987. One of the founders of - one of the first online dating sites, he sold •Matchmaker to Lycos in Boston in 2000 and worked for Lycos in Boston from 2000 - 2003. David started Executive Technologies in Virginia Beach in 2003 providing computer sales and support to small businesses. Primarily Dental offices - then branching out to doctors' offices and other small to medium companies. Also provide custom software development, phone systems, Audio systems. He has excellent references and enormous qualifications. If your home computer is suffering ills, David or his staff can bring them back to life. He and his company are the IT company of record for Insite Publishing and Village News. Contact David by E-mail: Visit David’s website to learn more about how he can help your home computer or business network: 

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